Life Moments

Moments so very precious and counted,
Make up our life’s measure and our days,
Only if we always thought and accounted,
Every day the deeds, the acts and the ways.

Moments of plentiful joys and laughter,
May soon be toppled by pain and aches,
That we may weigh each moment thereafter,
With plentiful care, love, mercy and grace.

Moments so hard to ponder and face,
May seem so arduous and impossible,
Soon they pass teaching us to embrace,
Each precious moment as irreplaceable.

Moments that weaken us to the utmost,
May be the ones that raise the standard,
Of our patience and trust in the innermost,
Truly moulding us as is eternally tailored.

May we hang onto each moment, every case;
May we treasure each one without slumber,
May we handle each of them with elegance,
May we always recall that they are numbered!


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