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Our hearts’ cry

O Sovereign One!
May our hearts receive Your love,
may our lives manifest Your grace,
May our souls find perfect rest.

O Masterful One!
May we press on with hearts ablaze,
may we kneel down with rest secure,
may we soar with deep assurance.

O Everlasting One!
May we render our best to You,
may we embed our hope in You,
may we pour out our lives for You.

O Providing One!
May we set our eyes on You,
may we lift up our hands to You,
may we give our desires to You.

O Unchanging One!
May our times be in Your hands,
may our days be in Your keeping,
may our lives be in Your pavilion.

O Faithful One!
May we establish our trust in You,
may we ground our faith in You,
may we anchor our lives in You.


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