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A Spark of Kindness

“Age wrinkles the skin, but worry, anxiety, fear and guilt wrinkles the soul”, says a famous medical textbook. In today’s world, we see wrinkled souls, more often than we see wrinkled skin. Head to a supermarket, and it wouldn’t take you long to find some cosmetic product, which keeps the skin from wrinkling. But among the shelves of neatly placed products, how often do we see something for the soul?

The world needs kindness. A helping hand, a pat on the shoulder, or a shoulder to cry on could be some of the finest balms to keep the soul from wrinkling. But we, as human beings, are selfish by nature, so how can we be so selflessly kind to someone? The Bible says, “We love because Christ first loved us.” So it’s important to first get our love tanks filled up by Christ’s love, and then let it overflow to those around us. They say a spark of kindness can start a fire of love. So why don’t we create the warmth of this fire around us, to ward off those wrinkles?



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