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Hope as an anchor

Imagine yourself in a pitch dark cave, clueless as to what you’ll encounter at your next move, and you suddenly spot a thin ray of light. It’s a natural tendency to walk towards that light. Why? Because you believe that it will guide you out of this place. That belief is called HOPE. It’s a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

Hope is what keeps us all going when the going gets tough. But if our hope is in something fragile and unreliable, it will only lead us to disappointment. Hope is like an anchor – when the storms of life arise, it’s that strong anchor that keeps us from sinking.

This is the sort of hope I’ve found – a hope that never fails, stays forever, is all-knowing and all-powerful, loving, kind and accepting – His name is Jesus!

Where do you put your hope?


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