Probably the most asked question of 2020 is, “If there is a God, why would He allow all this?” We all have also asked this question in various situations in life. So how do we go about answering this question satisfactorily? Why do we see so much injustice if God truly is just?

But what if God turns around and asks us, “Why does the human race perpetuate so much injustice and blame it on me? Why are you questioning me for the consequences of your free will?” We aren’t oblivious to the fact that the wrongs that are happening around us are the result of the greedy and careless choices made by mankind. Yet, we make such hasty assumptions, and accuse God. Let’s not allow the reality to be buried under these layers of false assumptions and denial. A lot of the suffering in our world is caused by the evil we ourselves have unleashed.

However, suffering isn’t always the consequence of evil in a simplistic way. The world is sadly not as simple as that anymore. Bad things do happen to good people, because of the complex web of injustice and evil out there. But for those who put their trust in God, even the deepest suffering can turn into opportunities that lead us closer to His heart that hurts at injustice more than our hearts do. In the Bible, a man named Job asked God, “Why am I going through this? Have you abandoned me?” God didn’t justify Himself before Job but revealed His supreme glory; and in that intimate moment, a captivated and thrilled Job forgot all his questions. Sometimes, an answer may not be the cure we need; all we need may be a warm touch from a person who loves us more deeply than anyone can – from God Himself.

Can we try to be accountable for our own wrong actions and forgive one another? In doing so, let’s leave the rest to God. Justice will be served; maybe not in our eyes today, but surely in His eternal scheme of things.


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