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The void at the top

Success as a means to self-actualisation is a prime motivator in our culture today, and drive the lives of many. It dictates how time, energy and resources are spent. It influences relationships, schedules, families, and for some, it even becomes an all-consuming passion that leaves broken people and compromised morality in its wake. The term ‘success’ is subjective and may mean different things to different people; it may mean getting straight A’s, making a lot of money, having a great home, being a very good parent, being very good at what we do, or being famous. There’s nothing wrong with wanting success, but it could be problematic if it is the thing with which we define our identity.

If we ground our identity on success and don’t achieve this success, it can leave us feeling utterly devastated. On the other hand, human history is witness to the fact that many people have gotten to the very top, only to feel a sense of complete loneliness and emptiness. This is the tragedy of defining our identity with success. It can either leave us feeling heartbroken and lost when we don’t achieve it, or disappointed when we do achieve it, because it didn’t end up being as fulfilling as it promised to be.

The only person who can truly satisfy the human heart and give us a robust sense of identity is the one who created it. That void that we all feel in ourselves is an indication of this. That feeling of being stuck or lost that many of us have sometimes may just be a part of God’s plan for our lives, to rid us of some of the false images and identities that we have created for ourselves over the years. If you are feeling stuck or empty in life, bring your whole self to Jesus; not just the problem but you. The Bible makes this bold claim that he can be the solid foundation on whom we can build our identities and life. If you choose to do this, that void that you feel could turn into the fullness of life that exists in a relationship with Jesus.


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