Walk the Talk

In today’s technology-saturated world, an average person comes across upto five thousand advertisements per day. Marketing strategies are of paramount importance and fancy descriptions for products have increased over time. Even then, we usually tend to consider a product only after a recommendation from a friend who has already used it – because we have first hand proof that the advertisement is reliable. Somehow, we have made peace with the fact that marketing doesn’t always match the reality.

Reliability comes only when words meet actions. Often, we’re like these advertisements. Our words will be of any value only when we walk the talk. Saying one thing and doing another will eventually make us untrustworthy in the eyes of others, and lead to loss of valuable friendships and opportunities. If we cannot keep a promise, it is better not to make one. Keeping our word, though a very deliberate and sometimes difficult task, gains us the confidence and respect of those around us.

Let’s not simply motivate someone or give them advice without really putting it into action in our own lives first. Let our actions be an evidence of the reliability of our words.


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