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The blockbuster preacher’s day

Charles Grandison Finney, popularly known as the father of modern revival was licensed to preach on 30th December 1823. The American Presbyterian minister was involved in many social reforms. The abolitionist movement, which he was a part of denounced slavery from the pulpit and referred it to as “Great National Sin.”

He reminded the people that “selfishness” can be overcome by having a “new pure heart.” In 1835, he wrote, ” A revival is not a miracle or dependence of any miracle in any sense. It is the philosophical result of the right use of constituted means.”

A writer, Wishard wrote ‘he poured floods of gospel love upon his audience. His extemporaneous preaching had deep insight into the interminable intricacies of human depravity.’

To this day, Finney is the most effective evangelist that America has witnessed.


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