Together We Can

How would you feel if there was no one who could understand you, or walk with you? Wouldn’t that be an utterly bleak life?

This is because human beings are social animals and are designed to be interdependent. We may think that we can live our lives all by ourselves without anybody’s help but let’s face it – no human has all the skills. One may be an architect while the other a scientist, an artist or a homemaker. One may be a source of comfort whereas another a carrier of candid truth. Whatever be the case, we need all kinds of people for the smooth and harmonious functioning of society.

The Bible gives a metaphor of the human body to describe community – each organ has its own role and no role is less significant than the other. Likewise, people with different backgrounds have different skills associated with their upbringing and learning, and they can each contribute uniquely for the betterment of the community. We must realise that we all need each other, because together we can strive to make the world a slightly better place for life to thrive.


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