Who in their wildest of dreams would have thought that a mask would be one of the most sought-after items in 2020? In this pandemic, we know a face mask is necessary to protect us and others from the virus. However, we do feel constrained or inhibited while wearing a face mask.

This can be a reflection of fake personalities in this era. Or shall we call it the ‘personality mask’? Many of us tend to live large portions of our lives with a fake personality – being someone we aren’t. And we can be very good at keeping up these pretences, just like wearing a mask and hiding our real selves.

But the fact is, it is an added burden and pressure to uphold the fake personality and we may not always live up to its standards. We will end up being disappointed or discouraged and living a constrained and inhibited life.

The Bible says that we are made in God’s own image. Everyone is unique and beautiful, our character is unique and that’s what makes us special. I would encourage you to unmask any pretences and be the real person that God created you to be. I assure you it will be a liberating experience and help you live a unique and beautiful life.


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