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Christmas – Order Up! India Fills in On Biryani, Despite Lockdown

Online food-delivery platform Swiggy released its annual Stat-EAT-stics report revealing the food choices and trends of Indians on its platform for the fifth year running. Biryani seems to be India’s preferred choice of food order as there is one biryani order placed on the platform every single second. Albeit for the puritans only the non-veg variety qualifies as biryani, Swiggy steered clear of the debate and has included all varieties of the delicacy in its count – vegetarian, chicken, mutton, or aloo.

However, the chicken biryani reigned in terms of sheer numbers as it outnumbered its veg counterparts 6 to 1.

“The mighty chicken biryani reaffirmed its place as India’s favourite dish,” said the report.

The top 5 food orders for the year were – chicken biryani, masala dosa, paneer butter masala, chicken fried rice, and mutton biryani.

According to the report, the corona virus pandemic and long lockdown notwithstanding, over 300,000 new users were added to the platform during the course of the year.

Reflecting the state of the times, Swiggy delivered most of its orders to locations marked ‘home’ with only 15% orders being delivered to locations marked ‘work.’ Not just food and meals, the platform is now serving over a million plus orders of tea & coffee – most of these ordered post-lunch.

While all kinds of celebrations took a back seat during the lockdown, the post-lockdown scenario has been somewhat different. Swiggy delivered over 6.5 Lakh cakes, while India’s favourite snack seems to have been missed aplenty with lakhs ordering this simple delicacy but I suppose there is nothing replacing the joy of eating a pani puri at a pani puri stall.

As lockdown pushed many into boredom and many of them spent sleepless nights for no good reason, the latest late-night order on the platform came at 4.59am for a plate of cheese fries – well, stress eating has no bounds is all we can say! And the earliest breakfast order came at 5 am – this time for a plate of chicken noodles – well, the lockdown did indeed change a lot of our habits!


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