A safe place

Do you know who could be considered as the most fortunate person in the world? If you have a person or people you could remember, turn to and count on in your most difficult situations, and they make you feel safe, then you are truly blessed.

Look back at your life. Where was your safest place when you hit some low points? It may have been your parents, siblings, or friends. It is truly such a blessing to have such people around us. But in spite of having such people, there will inevitably come moments in our life where we feel that simply nobody gets us, in spite of their best intentions and their genuine love for us. These are the times when we may be surrounded by people who care for us, yet feel completely alone. In such moments, where can we run to feel safe?

Here is a pretty amazing affirmation that we read in the Bible: “God is our safe place and our strength. He is always our help when we are in trouble. So we will not be afraid, even if the earth is shaken and the mountains fall into the center of the sea, and even if its waters go wild with storm and the mountains shake with its action.”

What a truly mind-blowing assurance this is! When life goes topsy-turvy and everything that seemed stable is also shaken, we can run to God, because he remains completely stable. He knows us more intricately than even our closest friend knows us, and he extends an arm of intimate friendship towards us. If we choose to accept this, he can fill our hearts with such peace and assurance that we can in turn become a safe place for many people around us who need just that. So would you choose to make this completely trustworthy person your ultimate safe place?


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