Am I A Failure?

You may be wondering how the title “Am I A Failure” relates to you if you are a person who has tasted success often. But at some point in life, we may have asked this question to ourselves. It could have been triggered by a failure in exams or relationships or some other challenge in our life. And trust me, failure is the last thing any of us wants to face because of its adverse implications.

Success tastes really sweet if we have encountered failures in our life. Those who have experienced failure and bounced back know that it is a necessity to achieve success. Sure, failing hurts. Actually, it is as sharp as a razor and slicing into our core. Yet, it’s necessary.

The most successful people in their lives have failed most often.  Making mistakes and falling to our knees is a part of life. It is experiencing failure what makes us the person we are.

As a baby begins to walk, she’s likely to slip and fall several times. In reality, this is a sign of failure. But, ask any mother about the baby’s capability to walk, and she will completely affirm that her child will eventually walk. It is possible that she will fall many times but she will eventually walk.

We are all aware that falling and failing when learning to walk is a part of the process. But, why isn’t the failure in other areas of lives handled with the same approach?

The Bible mentions a very upright man named Job who lost everything he had. All that he had held close, including his children, were lost in a single day. However, even in the midst of all the failure and storms he faced, he never lost patience and clung to God. Finally, God restored all his fortunes in double measure.

So I would encourage you to not give up in the face of adversity or believe you are a failure, but rather trust in God and make your moves.


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