In a Fit of Rage!


It is said that love arrives unexpectedly. There’s another emotion that bursts out when least expected – rage. It comes so swiftly like a tornado, causing destruction and leaving room for much regret later on. Often times, when we’re in a fit of rage, our actions go out of our control, causing irrevocable consequences. But what can we do to keep our cool?

Firstly, we must take note of what specific actions or words trigger us. Often, something related to a past hurt or insecurity opens up this gate of rage. Once these hidden hurts or insecurities are acknowledged, deliberately working on developing a forgiving heart and a grateful attitude can ease our mind.

Pent-up frustration with something that is wrong may lead to anger for all of us. But we have to find healthy ways to vent it out and to express our disagreements with our loved ones in ways that don’t hurt them. If our deeds or words coming out of anger do end up causing hurt, we must do our part in setting things right. The Bible says, “In your anger, do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.” So let’s seek God’s help to control our anger and live in peace with those around us, being constantly grateful and ever ready to forgive.


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