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Love Wins Any War

Rage is like the ocean’s tempest. It wreaks havoc and destruction to all happiness and love. It’s a human emotion stemming from a heady concoction of negative emotional states such as jealousy, an inflated ego, and an inferiority complex. Rage is fleeting; however, love can never die; love can conquer rage, no matter how fearsome it is.

The rage of the Jews thrust Jesus on a loathsome cross. But love so divine held him there for the sake of our sin. He didn’t rage back at them or try to destroy them though he was capable of doing anything he wished. That divine love that won years ago can be poured into every human heart to win over rage, if we open up our hearts to it.

Therefore, reach out to him to fill your cup with this love. When he does, you will have overflowing amounts of it, enabling you to win any battle that you face. You will be an overcomer in life.

God will move heaven and earth in your favour if you just humble yourself to choose love as your winning weapon.


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