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Moulded To Be Bold

It is said one should be grateful for those times that make one strong. The previous year was a hard one for many of us. We faced a sudden lockdown and were eventually tired of being confined within our homes. Calling it a bad year and crying over it will not help us. Instead, we need to gather the courage to face what lies ahead.

There are many who have gone before us who have been through devastating situations. One such person, mentioned in the Bible, is a man named Job who went through a period of deep personal tragedy in which he lost everything he had- all his possessions, wealth and children. In addition to this, he then suffered a severely painful health condition that brought sores all over his body. But even through all this, he refused to give up his faith in God who, he was assured, could redeem even the most horrible suffering, to bring profound beauty out of it.

Because of this, the time he suffered turned into a time of moulding, to make him bold to face the future. In the Bible, God promises “I am your refuge and strength”. This is such a heartening promise, considering that it comes from the Creator himself. Tough circumstances can shape us in life to set us free from timidity and fearfulness. The year 2020 taught us that we are on a threshold of a new beginning. So why not swing into this new year with zeal and welcome it with open arms and strengthen ourselves with the strength supplied by God?


  1. “Tough circumstances can shape us in life to set us free from timidity and fearfulness…”. A great Power-Up article! We are moulded to be BOLD!


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