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Does it really matter?

The world today is full of anxiety and stress. People seem to be constantly occupied and for many, life has become more hectic than ever. This can go to such an extent that we sometimes end up being too stressed or burnt-out to be able to function in a healthy manner. This sort of burn-out has become common because most of us tend to get so caught up with how fast the world is moving and what others think about us. Attempts to keep up with the competition or FOMO become our primary motivation to keep slogging away. Maybe we need to take a moment to pause and ask ourselves about the things we find ourselves doing, “Does it really matter?”.

Maybe, instead of these external things, we need to make the purpose for which each of us is created the main motivation that drives us. The Bible says that God has created each of us has been thoughtfully and wonderfully. We can find the true purpose of our life in an intimate relationship with Him. So, in case anybody reading this feels burnt-out, stressed or on the verge of a meltdown, would you like to try this out?


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