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Identity Which Matters!

In a world of about 7.9 billion people, very diverse, we try to “fit in” by identifying our own small worlds. We associate ourselves with the place of our birth or residence, family backgrounds, the trends we follow, our friends, possessions, talents, or power. While all of these aspects contribute to shaping who we are, a robust identity cannot be built on these fragile and ever-changing things. The danger of trying to do so is that we end up wearing masks just to make an impression.

Our true identity is not based on our external environment, but on our internal character. It is our actions and thoughts in secret that show who we really are. The motivation behind our deeds, our inner thoughts, our deepest secrets – these are reflections of our real self. And it is this inner character that needs to be taken care of and fed to grow in the right direction of becoming a better person every day. The Bible says that it is precisely this inner person who is renewed, transformed and built up as he/she is meant to be when we choose to make Jesus the foundation of our lives.


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