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Leaving all baggage behind

Life is often likened to a journey where one walks through valleys and mountains of various experiences. Some of these experiences decorate our journey like beautifully spread out flowers on the side of a sunny stream, while others remind us of the bleak and bitter cold on a dark winter night. All these experiences shape our character and lives in a very potent way. Many of them may even bruise our souls and leave us with a bitter taste of regrets, fears and failures.

This journey of life has to be undertaken by each of us. And it’s a known fact that travelling with a lot of baggage is not the most convenient way of moving forward. This is why there are even some popular vlogs aiming to teach us to travel light. If we plan so meticulously for journeys lasting hours or days, in order to get through more conveniently, shouldn’t we pay a lot more attention to the way we journey in life from one phase to another?

It may help to choose carefully what we would like to retain from among the myriad experiences of our lives. The memories that give us important learnings, make us smile, give us hope and lead us toward peace can be held on to, while we leave behind those that tend to slow us down by making us bitter or fearful. It’s all a matter of choice. Hence, let’s make a good choice today and get rid of the baggage of failure, fear and bitterness. Let us run this race of life with endurance, so that we can finish well.


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