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What’s your take away from this year?

Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned

Frank Sonnenberg

Researchers from Columbia University reviewed numerous studies and found that students learned the most when they made errors, followed by corrective feedback. They added that the learning was at its peak when the students were sure they were right while making those errors. All of us have made our share of mistakes or errors this year. Some of which we were sure we were doing things right but ended up making blunders. From all that has been said and done, what is your take away as we move to a new year?

It’s easy to walk past our mistakes as if they meant nothing, but it’s wise to learn from them. Our mistakes sometimes are our most prominent teachers. Mistakes often point us to things we never thought of and help us improve our knowledge. It also helps us realize we all are humans and have hidden faults and shortcomings. Moreover, when we fail to achieve what we targeted, it also helps us value forgiveness and makes us even more humble. Most of the failures reveal the blind spots which we often miss while being in haste. The most effective way to handle all failures would be to accept them as part of our personal growth and learn from them. The Bible says, “One who is wise will learn from what he is taught.” We should learn from our first mistakes and wait until we repeat the same mistakes again and again.

Looking back, what is the biggest lesson you learned this year? As 2022 waves goodbye, you can probably journal your takeaway from this year. Life lessons are better understood when repeated.


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