“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.”

Let’s go down the memory lane of our school days. Our teachers play such a starring role in most of the bitter-sweet memories that we have from these formative years. Surely, simply thinking of many of our teachers – their idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, accents, and most of all, their sheer patience – brings a warm smile to our lips. In India, today is a day dedicated to honouring teachers for all that they do – not just professionally, but relationally, through pouring much passion and sacrifice into teaching the students under their care.

In schools, Teachers’ Day celebrations are hearty affairs that would include heartfelt tributes through creative programmes, as well as poking some harmless fun at teachers through impersonations and skits. Some senior students may turn up as teachers for the day for the junior classes, the entire activity starting off as a sport but ending up being a bemusing realization, for the seniors, of how difficult a teacher’s job is. Apart from all this, the entire day would be punctuated with heart-warming moments such as a thank you note on the classroom board, a poem written in honour of the teacher, or a small gift that the entire class contributed to buy or make.

As students, we have always looked to our teachers for guidance, as well as affirmation in many areas. But often, when we move on from school to college, or from college to work, we forget the immense contribution that these people have made to our lives. It is important to allow for the thought that the teachers and mentors who have been a part of our lives were placed there graciously and wisely by God, so that they could help us conform better to the design and purpose with which he gloriously created each one of us. So on this special day, let us take a moment to thank God for our teachers/mentors, as well as take some time to call them, or send a personal note to show our gratitude.


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