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Editor’s Letter – Inaugural Edition

Greetings! And Welcome to the inaugural edition of iOpener.today – an online publication of ICPF, we are so glad you are here and look forward to bringing you an enriching reader experience.

iOpener.today seeks to bring balanced, holistic, and informative stories and perspectives for today’s young generation and act as a tool to engage with them on topics that resonate with them, in a space that they are familiar with and frequent often – the internet.

This engagement will be accelerated through contemporary topics and issues that are close to the hearts of the student community, and ultimately influence & equip them with gospel values. At all times we remain rooted in our core vision to help youngsters excel in their academics, enhance their careers, and make them socially responsible citizens by providing them with the right perspective on matters of social, political, cultural, and spiritual significance.

iOpener.today was first conceived amid the global coronavirus pandemic, around August 2020 – when it was first informally mooted that ICPF have an online publication. Over the past few months, it has been our sincere and prayerful endeavour to bring this to life and it is such a joy to see all of the hard work come to fruition.

The publication and its resources remain squarely focused on you – the reader! From contemporary news of the day to thought-provoking pieces written by experts from their respective fields, from leisurely reads to serious issues of pressing concern, from conversations with a cross-section of people to a platform for your creative talents, we have tried to bring together a vast and varied platter for your enjoyment and enrichment alike.

We hope our endeavours will find your approval and look forward to hearing from you with your feedback. It is your thoughts & active participation that will take us further. Join us, in being a positive, thought-provoking, and exciting media endeavour for the “digital-first” generation.
Thank you! Merry Christmas, and very happy reading!!



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