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Hate is all that sells

Is it surprising that hate is now all that sells?
Because fault always lies with someone else!
That we’ve sacrificed every ounce of sympathy,
And left behind every bit of empathy,
To lay claim to being the one who’s right,
To win this pointless & needless fight.

Is it surprising that division is all we see?
When so bitter to each other, we have come to be!
That we’ve forgotten to gracefully disagree,
And that being different is no longer a choice we see,
That it has now become a compulsion to fit in,
For disagreement is now the greatest of all sin.

Is it surprising that loneliness grips us all?
That we know so many friends but so few to call.
We no longer recognize each other by a name or face,
We are now known by our affiliations, beliefs, colour & race,
That our visceral hatred is now so complete;
That we only see in the other, the urge to crush & defeat.



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