Just as I am

Do we love and accept ourselves as we are? – This is a pertinent and important question to ask ourselves. Right through the ages, the biggest inner pursuit of every human being has been to try and discover his/her true identity.

Irish by birth, Amy had black eyes – unusual for her people. As a child, Amy offered fervent prayers that she would somehow fit in inspite of this. But her mother taught her to believe in her Creator, who does not make any mistakes, and to accept herself just as she was. In response to this, Amy submitted her life to God and acknowledged her identity just as she was without any murmurs or prejudices. This is the childhood story of none other than Amy Beatrice Carmichael, who became a renowned educational reformer and philanthropist in South India. Later in life, when she came to India, she understood the purpose of even a small detail such as her eyes, which helped her to merge in easily with the locals. She became a blessing to multitudes, a useful vessel in the hands of her Maker.

Our true identity ultimately comes from our Creator. All things created by Him are perfect and complete. Impressions and opinions can be manipulative, and may fade away in due course of time. But here’s a matter of fact – each of us is created fearfully and wonderfully with unique talents, and no one can be the same as another.

It is up to each individual to relate himself/herself with his/her Creator and accept themselves as they are. We can embrace ourselves, even with our shortcomings, if we put our trust in the Creator and believe that we are unique and created to be just as we are!


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